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60 Person Capacity

From £10 per person
Paintballs -
from £6.00 per 100

The Wargame Company

Established in 1989, we have led the field in innovation and imagination to give our players the most exhilarating paintball experience we can. Here at our site near Tavistock, West Devon, we are set in a 120 acre hilltop wood giving us huge scope for variation and size with our game areas as well as good free draining terrain allowing us to run all year round whatever the weather. You will be playing in some of the best paintball scenarios in the region including The Fort, Village, Trenches, Speedball, Cheeseburger Slope, Target, Armageddon, Flag, Bridge Assault, Jungle, with more to come!

You are here to play paintball so we aim to play up to 8+ games in a half day and up to 12+ in a full day. (The record stands at 17). Your goggles are cleaned and demisted for you by us before each game and you get to watch (if shot out early) most of the games up close from weatherproof safe zones with your mask off. Have you ever had to stand on the sideline of a game area with a steamed up paint covered mask in the pouring rain waiting for a game to finish before it was safe to take your mask off? Not very good, is it?

You will be using one of the most advanced non electronic semi automatic paintball guns on the market, the Tippmann A5 (A5 because the design is based on the H&K MP5A5 as used by the police, SAS, etc.). Your mask will be the VForce Armour mask to which we have fitted Tournament quality Foam for a very comfortable fit around the eyes and nose. You will also be equipped with a mesh snood (balaclava) with padding over the ears throat and forehead and comfortable clean one piece DPM camouflage coveralls that you will not be charged extra for.

Our friendly umpires take a very professional attitude in their task of ensuring you have a safe, fun, well organised, action packed time with us and are always on hand to give assistance whenever you need it. We must be doing something right as upto 75% of our business is repeat business. Come on down and find out for yourself.

Vist our site for more info or request a brochure.

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